Faeber Studio Eumelia Earrings

Faeber Studio

$ 187.00

A statement earring that weighs half the amount of your average hoop. Mixed shape wooden rounded pieces with polished silver backing. Silver ear posts. All jewelry comes with 'Keep Safe' soft jewelry bag and polishing cloth.

 Wood, silver


Linear - width 13mm/.51 inch, wength 47.1mm/1.85 inches
Curved - depth 24.16mm/.95 inch, length 46mm/1.81 inches, width 13mm/.51 inch

Care: It's completely natural for both brass and fine silver to oxidize over time. To prevent expedited oxidation (tarnish) we recommend keeping your jewelry away from the shower, beach and pool and storing in a cool dry place. As oxidation occurs over time you can always brighten your piece up with the sunshine cloth included with your jewels at the time of purchase. This should help bring them back to their original shine.

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About Faeber Studio
Founded by Aliza Guttman, Faeber Studio jewelry is handmade in New York with sustainable practices. Each piece of jewelry is finished by hand with great care and maintains subtle qualities from the jeweler's touch that enhance the atelier nature. They make pieces in small made-to-order groupings, so as to never over produce. This helps to not only maintain consistence in quality, but to ensure that materials are consciously consumed.


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