Link I Studs


$ 51.00

Subtle stud earring with dainty little chain link. Lovely worn on it's own or paired alongside other earrings if you have more than one piercing. Gold-plated with gold-plated sterling silver posts. Link drop measures about 1cm.

Jewelry Care: To prolong the life of your gold-plated pieces, we recommend removing your jewelry when doing the following:

  • swimming (chlorine and salt can affect plating over time), showering, or washing your hands
  • applying lotions, oils, perfumes, etc.
  • cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals
  • rings when getting a manicure and necklaces/earrings when having hair treated

Do not use jewelry cleaner on plated items. You can polish these pieces with a damp cloth. 

Material: Gold-plated brass (no nickel). Merewif use a much thicker gold plate than the industry standard. Once the pieces are plated, a protective finish is added to prolong the life of the gold plate. 

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