Wolf Circus - Mira Art Deco Studs


$ 120.00

Lightweight 14k gold plated earrings with unique detail that tucks behind the ear when worn. Handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

Photo of earrings on model shows how to wear on ear.

Material: Gold plated bronze, solid sterling silver posts. 

About Wolf Circus
Wolf Circus is a Vancouver based brand dedicated to creating classic and contemporary jewelry. They aim to inspire women to embrace their confidence and femininity during their daily hustle. Their entire collection is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada by a production team consisting of three highly trained jewellers. All of their pieces are either hand fabricated or cast using the lost wax casting process. From here they are either hand polished or plated with a high-quality level of plating. They are adamant in ensuring their collection is both well made and well priced.

*Images provided by Wolf Circus.


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