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Sustainable Fashion Brand: Tribe Alive

Sustainable Fashion Brand: Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is a sustainable fashion brand that is founded, built, and empowered by women. The brand was established to provide women across the globe employment opportunities that enable them to flourish in all areas of their life. Tribe Alive believes in measuring their success by impact instead of profits; their goal is to reduce their impact on the globe while leaving an everlasting, positive impact on the women that make it all happen.

Their relationship with their production studios are closely-knit, as they make yearly visits to strengthen their relationships with their artisans. Their artisans come from five countries - Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, India, and the United States. They have the choice to work from their homes or in the studio manager’s home, where they’re provided a safe and healthy atmosphere. Not to mention, the employees are paid a sufficient living wage and are provided amenities to improve the quality of their lives. For example, in Honduras, the studio managers are currently in the process of creating a daycare at the studio so that working mothers can bring their children to work.

Tribe Alive avoids harsh chemicals at all costs to dye their products, instead they use naturally derived dyes. In Guatemala, they actually have a garden that the artisans and their families can use for medicinal uses and for natural dying purposes. All of Tribe Alive’s products are made with 100% upcycled or organic materials, and same goes for their packaging. Their goal is to be plastic-free by 2020.

We’re so grateful to be carrying a brand at Kaleidos that’s guiding the movement towards slow, sustainable fashion, and who's values so closely align with ours. It’s inspiring and incredibly meaningful to us that Tribe Alive is making strides to improve their environmental and social impact across the globe. Their pieces are staples in your closet that can make a statement, and last a lifetime!


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