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Sustainable Shoe Brand You Need to Know About | Salt + Umber

Salt + Umber believes in putting the planet first in every step of the way in their creation process. The name itself derives from elements of nature, and the designs of each shoe are thoughtfully curated to connect every aspect of the production process to our natural world. Ethics, sustainability, and transparency are Salt+Umber’s core values, it’s what drives them to be a leader for a better tomorrow in the fashion industry.

For starters, Salt+Umber's factories are SMETA certified. This means they conduct high quality audits that encompass all aspects of responsible business practice: Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. They also have an accredited seal of approval for their efforts in sustainability and ethical business practices from Remake, a non-profit organization igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good.

When it comes to their carbon footprint, Salt+Umber ships their products by sea instead of air to their warehouse in Newark, NJ.  From there, the team can ship their products to their retail partners using UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping. Since they are the sole importer and distributor, they do not transport their products to various distribution centers which allows them to reduce emissions and avoid having their products shipped to numerous distributors throughout the U.S. Their packaging is also made from recycled material and they only use enough packaging to secure product from damaging during shipment. Recently, they reduced their packaging by 20%. Salt+Umber takes these necessary steps to lessen their impact on the environment as they have a deep understanding that fashion should not cost extensive damage to the Earth.

As for their leather, it is by-product of the meat industry and derived from tanning hides native to India. This cuts back on carbon emissions from shipping leather. Their leathers are also non-carginogenic, chromium free, and vegetable tanned in a Leather Working Group gold-certified tannery that uses renewable energy using solar power.

We admire these extra measures that Salt+Umber makes to care for our planet and the living beings that contribute to their work. Being able to work so closely with a designer that feels comfortable in sharing this information with us inspires us to do better as a business too. With their beautiful designs inspired by the land and the sea, Salt + Umber is an ethical and sustainable shoe brand that you can feel great walking in!

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