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Meet the Maker: Tree Fairfax

Tree and I at the pop-up event in Georgetown, D.C. 

Where are you based?

Roanoke VA

Any favorite spots in your city?

Downtown Roanoke is my favorite place to be, so many small businesses, shopping, good food, farmers market and so much more

What is your favorite part about being a creative in your city?

My favorite part is finding all the amazing places to take pictures of my work.

How and when did you get started with bag making? 

I started making leather bags about 5 years ago. I first started off using cotton and other fabrics but later fell in love with leather.

Tell us a little bit about your brand, Tree Fairfax.

I create one of a kind, handmade leather goods using high quality, recycled and new leather. Never mass produced, I love creating limited quantities and quality pieces.

What is your vision for the future of Tree Fairfax?

To be known as an amazing brand, known for one of a kind, quality pieces. I hope to grow and have my work available in more shops but always keep the products handmade and limited quantiles.

Do you have a specific type of woman or person in mind when designing your bags?

I design for everyone, men, women, young, and old. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating your bags? 

I am inspired by everything, shapes, buildings, people, and anything vintage. I am always snapping pictures when I am out of random people and things. I love looking back at them for inspiration.

Tell me about your creative process.

I normally open up a hide of leather, lay it out on the floor and just let the leather speak to me. I know it sounds weird but it works. I like using the natural markings and shape of the hide in my designs. 

What have you been most recently inspired by?

I have been really inspired with geometric shapes!

What does your daily work routine typically look like?

Well I work full time for a group of physicans doing medical billing. On my lunch breaks I am out snapping pictures of my bags. When I get home from work its creative time!! I am cutting and sewing thru the night. 

This is your first collaboration project. How was the experience? And what inspired the design for this collaboration?

This was a great experience and I loved the challenge, it was exciting and I was able to try something new and I love the outcome.

Who are you currently listening to on your playlist?

Right now I'm obsessed with Jidenna: Classic Man, Solange, Sergio Mendes, Alabama Shakes and Kanye West

What are 3 words that come to mind when you look through a kaleidoscope?

Colors, patterns and reflection

Shop the collaboration bag HERE!

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